Executive Director

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He will manage the project director and ensure the success of the operations and increase sales. He will be reporting to the Vice Chairman & CEO and will be dealing with جهات سياديه.

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Power International Holding

Job Summary

 The Executive Director is responsible for the execution and safe timely completion of all projects within budget, and to the highest of standards. Develop and implement plans and strategies to achieve organization objectives. This position also lead multiple, simultaneous large-scale capital projects including defining the scope of work, developing budgets and the establishment of firm project schedules.

Job Accountabilities

Principal Accountabilities

  • Develop high-quality business strategies and plans and ensure strategy alignment with objectives
  • Manage, conceive, market and execute development projects of significant complexity.
  • Provide executive leadership in the design, development and implementation of systems and processes that improve safety, process efficiencies, program growth and overall sound financial performance.
  • Roles & Responsibilities

    1. Strategy Development

  • Develop high-quality business strategies and plans and ensure strategy alignment with objectives.
  • Develop and implement programs and initiatives, with a goal of continuous improvement, that support the best possible patient, provider and employee experience.
  • Understand business risks, manage company exposure and keep senior management up to date with risk exposure and methods of strategic risk mitigation
  • 2. Operational Excellence

  • Oversees the coordination of design and construction activities to include, but not limited to, architect, contractor and consultant solicitation, selection and contracting, design and construction document review, and construction administration
  • Ensure all Project Management requirements are in place and all measures taken to complete projects in time, safely and within budget.
  • Through the development and monitoring of metrics and key performance indicators, ensure that all organization projects and programs are successfully completed within the approved schedule and budget. Ensure that processes and procedures related to project close-out are maintained.
  • Manages all contractors, consultants, and inspectors for projects to achieve successful outcomes. Monitors activity schedules, changes to schedules, their causes and budget impacts.
  • Coordinate with COO for operational support to projects.
  • Review all project staffing structures and ensure staff are competent and deployment is within staffing budgets.
  • Responsibility for project control reports to ensure that projects are on schedule and all critical issues are addressed on time.
  • Review all project planning and forecasting for labor, plant, staff, materials and cost.
  • Improve company turnover and profitability.
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Approval of all project procurement and final negotiation.
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable policies, rules, regulations, and laws. Stays current with legal, regulatory and policy development affecting areas of responsibility.
  • Enforces legal and regulatory requirements impartially.
  • Job Knowledge & Skills

  • Professional client management
  • Business Acumen
  • Effective project management and build quality experience
  • Strong knowledge of engineering drawings and specifications
  • Experience of operating and influencing at a strategic level
  • Contracts Development & Administration
  • Knowledge of theory, principles, and practices of engineering
  • Proficiency in English communication (oral and written)
  • Job Experience

    Total 20 year(s) On Job 10 year(s) GCC 5 year(s)


    Drives Performance M3Communicates and Collaborates C3Displays Customer Centricity C3Develops Future Leaders M3Demonstrates Accountability C3Strives for Innovation C3Encourages Resilience M3Creates Strategy M3Knowledge Of Execution Sequnce And Required Duration For Concrete Works L1Knowledge Of Installation Sequnce And Required Duration For Building Mechanical Systems L1Knowledge Of Installation Sequnce And Required Duration For Building Elv Systems L1Knowledge Of Profitability Calculations L1Understanding Of The Planned Execution Strategy L1Experience In Efficiently Managing Appointed Subcontractors L1Understanding Level Of Contractual Matters L1


    Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering or EngineeringMaster’s degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) or similar Graduate Degree

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    • Egypt

    WUZZUF jobs

    Summary:The Executive Director maintains full responsibility and accountability for overall performance of association and the achievement of its goals and objectives according to the delegated authority and clear directions set by the Board of Directors, proposes new activities and methods, coordinates between the managers of sectors and departments and monitors and evaluates their performance.Duties:Develop in coordination with the Management Team, integrated business plans that optimize market responsibilities and profitability of existing or new activities. Set departments’ high-level goals, objectives and plans and work with them on attaining such goals by closely monitoring their operations in accordance with internal controls, and policies, and discuss them with the Chairman to include submission to the Board for approval.Devise comprehensive plans set by Management Team, as well as systems and procedures to ensure proper functioning and implementation of work.Direct and nurture the development and implementation of the overall strategic plan, operating business plans and strategic objectives. Propose new activities (enhance its goals, increase in profits, return on investment, etc.) in line with the Organization’s vision and mission.Oversee the mechanization and automation process of operationsSign cheques and financial statements that accurately reflect the financial condition of the Association then submit to the Treasurer and Chairman for submission to the Board for the approval in accordance with internal controls, policies and main systemAct as a principal representative of the association with major government entities, the financial community, and the public to promote the organization’ direction and momentum, its business performance, the positive external impact (image), internal business climate, people and services. Assist the treasurer in supervising the preparation of the final audit for the financial year.Sign contracts and agreements delegated by the Chairman and approved by the BoardDevise and recommend remedial actions and improvements to develop the organizational structure and oversee the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices.Oversee periodic and non-periodic reports conduct a strategic review of performance on a regular basis to determine whether the organization is meeting its short-and long-term objectives (enhance its goals, increase in profits, return on investment, etc) and in adherence to guidelines, policies and procedures.Periodically prepare reports review the operating results of the organization & compare them to established objectives and goals, and follow-up to ensure appropriate measures are taken to correct unsatisfactory results then submit to the ChairmanRemain committed to compliance with the approved annual budget and all internal policies and legal regulations in every area of the organization’s daily activities, including fostering development of short and long-term plans, policies, and guidelines.Periodically review and check the performance of the Management Team and recommend remedial action and improvements in coordination with the Administration Manager.Delegate some responsibilities to appropriate subordinates in order to ensure smooth running of the activities and remain committed to compliance with all internal policies and legal regulationsConduct annual performance appraisal for all management team and recommend salary adjustments, rewards and promotions in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulationsResponsible for leading EEA in a manner that supports and guides its mission according to the delegated authority from the Board of Directors

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