Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a type of personal coaching that helps people find greater fulfillment in their careers by establishing professional goals, creating a plan and overcoming obstacles that may be in the way.

Career coaches can help people with a wide array of career-related goals and issues. People seek career coaching because of any of the following reasons:

Are stuck in a dead-end job that brings no meaning or purpose to their lives.

Are challenged by the demands of balancing their work lives with their personal lives.

Know exactly what they want to do with their lives, but need help finding and executing a plan to get there.

Career coaching helps people with all of these concerns and more

Meet Our Coaches

  • Aliaa El-Dardery

    Certified Career Coach

  • Rasha Elkhodary

    Our Key Certified Coach

  • Omar Nour

    Certified Career Coach

  • Waleed Abdelraouf

    Certified career coach,

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