Senior R&D Engineer

  • Anywhere

Main Duties:Design and manage the Product Development Cycle from concept development to production.Providing new concepts and ideas based on market needs and trends.Evaluating and resolving technical and production issues related to design and material.Researching and identifying required/new materials and new ways of manufacturing.Researching and visiting new suppliers and manufacturers for outsourcing.Researching new materials on the market and in fairs.Developing and documenting all technical specifications, drawings, cutting lists and prototypes for new and existing designs.Reviewing all existing designs to ensure improved quality and specification.Designing of JIGS and fixtures to improve productivity.Working closely with production, quality, procurement and sales departments to improve the production process, costs and quality.Visiting project sites and preparing layouts for clients.Preparing layouts and supervision for showroom/booths installation.Managing, training and developing the R&D team.Submitting weekly/monthly progress reports and as requested by Management.

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