Senior Procurement Specialist (MSC)

  • Anywhere

Track the status of each purchase request with all Department Grouped purchase Requests (foreign or Local) in order to negotiate and get better price and better condition  Ensure that all requests for quotations are matching with the specifications and requirements as stated in the purchase request (PR). Making quotation study for each purchase Request in order to choose the best offer  Issue the purchasing orders (Local or imported) and make follow up till arrivals within Lead time and approvals.Follow up with all Departments to receive and Close all open Pos .  Review and update Approved Vendor List .Maintaining working relationships and communication with current suppliers to pressure them to get lower prices and speed of delivery.Confirm the eligibility verification before all new suppliers added to the list of approved suppliersKeep up with any changes in government taxes (sales, value-added tax), work and collection procedures and import duties.

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