Marketing Specialist- Electa

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CADUCEUS lANE  is hiring for the lunching of it’s commercial arm Who is assigned to effectively lead and direct cross-functional teams through a dynamic professional environment.The marketing specialist will work cross-functionally with many teams across the organization, such as commercial, medical, account management, project management, programmers, and creative teams.You will be responsible for planning, execution, and effective communication with managers and peers to innovate, formulate and execute marketing and communication projects efficiently to meet deadlines.Essentially, the Marketing team will establish best practices and build an innovative ideation model not just great, but world-class.A genuine team is willing to take risks, innovatively create, keep learning, and make things happen.Key ResponsibilitiesTake a lead role in the creation and execution of 360° multi-platform marketing programs and communication campaigns across the broad spectrum of targeted organizations, brands, and markets.Manage marketing activities calendar, project timelines, communication strategies, and execution plan schedule.Craft marketing concepts, advertising campaigns, and tactical plans for proposal pitches and business getting commitments.Projects structured daily planning through defining the project scope, allocated resources, and task goals.Responsibility includes daily project plan communication and execution follow-up.Maintain, ensure and communicate with account managers for a clear understanding of the project framework, content, and strategy and coordinate with project management and medical department for project execution.Plan and monitor all marketing initiatives in partnership with account management and project management teams through tracking goals, KPIs, produce daily recap summaries and post-launch reviews to continuously generate key learnings, optimize campaign performance, and inform the development of new marketing strategies and tactics.Monitoring the progress of multiple projects closely and simultaneously with analytical and critical insight for evaluation and adjustment.Effectively organize and follow up for delivering projects on specified timelines to serve commercial team market requirements.Coordinate between the project team members while working closely to ensure progress, performance, and meeting quality needs.Proactively influence the team to develop and achieve results with quality standards.Review and evaluate the outcomes and quality of the completed projects.Integrated collaboration and coordination among different departments and key responsible professionals across different functions.Oversee approval of copy and creativity for all printed materials and digital assets across MENA region projects.

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