Legal Manager

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Reviews & designs the policies & procedures of the organization to ensure the full alignment with the local law & regulations.Liaises with the different governmental authorities & maintains a fruitful relation with them.Manages the staff members of the legal department to assure following the best Legal Practices.Initiate and pursue legal proceedings as required by the Company i.e.,Prepare writs, defenses, submissions and other pleadings in civil cases both for and against’ the Company. Prepare, file and plead cases in Commercial Court in pursuit of amounts owed to the Company.Advise on civil matters that should be directed to external counsel. Liaise with and assist external Counsel in the discharge of their obligation.Advise on statutory compliance’s.Research and prepare legal opinions on various civil matters including claims for compensation against the Company.Draft and/or review legal letters, contracts and agreements and monitor legal obligations under agreements to ensure compliance, as requested.Submit all judgments to the Legal Officer supporting the Loss Reduction Division diligently.Submit quarterly work reports to Management.Submit quarterly reports on targets achieved together with an appraisal report to top management Cause to be maintained, a database of the status of all court matters involving the Company.Represent the Company at Arbitration and Public Utilities Commission hearings.

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Black Tie Consultancy

Job Description

  • This role reports directly to CEO
  • Responsible for drafting and reviewing company’s contracts and agreements, that includes: (unit sale contracts with clients, contractors and service providers).
  •  Responsible for providing legal advice for the high management and the other departments when needed.
  •  Responsible for ensuring compliance with rules, regulations and policies.
  • Responsible for handling all matters related to corporate law and formal procedures in front of public authorities including GAFI, Commercial registry and notarization offices. 
  • Responsible for reviewing the BOD and General Assembly invitations and minutes of meetings and ratifying them.
  • Responsible for preparing and reviewing formal correspondents with third parties. 
  • Responsible for following up and coordinating with external legal consultant.
  • Responsible for negotiating deals and attending company meetings with third parties.
  • Responsible for maintaining and updating a variety of legal files and records
  • Responsible for following up all legal cases related to company
  • Responsible for dealing with investment authority for the approval of BOD meetings.
  • Other Company related duties that may be assigned.


13+ years experience, and must be coming from real estate background

13+ years experience, and must be coming from real estate background

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  • Egypt



  • ensure that the organization has adhered to the constitution and by-laws as well as the laws and regulations of the country. 2. To ensure that organizational legal matters are managed properly, efficiently and that the relevant and respective stakeholders are shared and given proper advice and guidance.
  • ensure that the CEO, COO, Senior Management Team and the Board are provided updates and reports on a regular basis, where necessary. 
  •  Assist in the risk management if any, based on organizational matters of concern.
  • Draft and negotiating simple and complex contracts including but not limited to those related to renewable energy power generation projects. 
  • Advise on general business law issues and managing the legal issues of all areas of the company, including but not limited to corporate matters. 
  • Anticipate and manage the (legal) risks connected with or resulting from the business strategy and operations. 
  • pro-actively create and maintain awareness of business employees for (compliance with) relevant laws and regulations. 
  • Ability to deliver high-quality work under deadlines.
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