Assistant Production Manager – Wood industry

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Prepares, examines and recommends the implementation of proposals for the preparation of policies related to production, Packing, plant equipment and machinery processing, maintenance, industrial processes, design of the commodity And design operations, expansion processes and implement these policies once approved and supervise The aspects of the mentioned activity are fully supervised. Doing drawings and designs on the design program (AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D MAX, Revit).The ability to follow the requirements of the quality system and ISO standards. It is recommended to produce new goods or to make adjustments to the goods that are currently produced. Supervises the stores necessary to supply the manufacturing operations with their needs. He supervises the purchase of all the necessary needs of the factory, which may be resorted to by each of the supplies department And the transportation services department if he needs their help. Supervising production inside the factory. The ability to specify the operating time.The ability to control the movement of materials, parts and product between stages accurately and safely. Supervising the performance of equipment and production lines and the speed of repairing faults in a short time. Ability to employ error reduction concepts and support continuous improvement work. The ability to reduce inventory between the different production stages between the supplier and the customer. 13. The ability to distribute roles to ensure that the mechanism of work is among the workers in production. Carry out daily business tasks related to production instructions and prepare daily reports. Participate in the preparation and preparation of the machines before operating. Abide by safety laws and security systems follow manufacturing standards. Checking the waste ratios for all work sizes in order to save. 

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