Mechanical Helper

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Job Description

Scope ofResponsibilities

1.     Excavation works, assist in all kind of civil works, cleaning andhousekeeping works including landscaping.

2.     Performs tasks to assist engineer, technician, ironworker, pipefitter, or welder.

3.     Conveys tools, equipment, and parts to the work area by hand orusing hand trucks.

4.     Assist in removing, cleaning and installing demister pads inDistiller units, valves, pumps motors, boilers and tanks.

5.     Assist in attaching slings, ropes or cables onto objects, such asplates, tubes, pipes, valves, fittings and drums. Bolts or unboltsassemblies, using hand tools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, andprying bars.

6.     Assists fitter to position, align, and fit together fabricatedplates, structural shapes, and weldments preparatory to assemblyinto fabricated products. Hammers wedges and drift pins, and turnsturnbuckles, using level, pulls pry bars to align parts. Grinds orchips rough edges, surplus weld, or scale, using portable grinderor air hammer.

7.     Positions and turns clamps, and bolts together butt straps orparts, using hand or power wrench.

8.     Assists Pipe fitter to assemble and install piping for air, gas,and water systems, valves, couplings, and other fittings. TheGeneral Helper should be able cuts or drills holes in walls topermit passage of pipes, using pneumatic drill. Selects specifiedtype and sizes of pipe, mounts pipe hangers, brackets on walls andceiling to hold pipe. Disassembles and removes damaged or wornpipe.

9.     Assist in connecting hoses from hand torch to oxygen and fuel gascylinders, may manually position cylinders, or connects cables frompower source to electrode holder and work piece orfixture.

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