Logistics & Procurement Officer

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Responsibility 1: Procurement and supply chain Management:Activities:Analyse and ensure local market surveys and keep a local suppliers database updated corresponding to the HI needs and criteria (quality, price, service, ethics etc.)Make sure to always consider value for money having in mind quality and sustainability of the goods.Implement procurement procedures for HI and organize different stages in the local purchasing of goods and services (market, surveys, ordering, monitoring, receipt, conformity checks etc)Process the orders and ensure their follow-up and provide feedback to the applicant and inform his/her manager in case of problem.Monitor Purchase and service requests updating PSR monitoring chartEnsure the adequate filling of purchases files: signatures, presence and validity of the documentsFollow up all the purchase files of our local partners in order to ensure that it respects HI’s procurement procedures. In case of any discrepancy, inform his/her Manager (as much as possible in writing).Ensure payment to the suppliers in link with finance department according to the invoice brought by the purchaser and suppliers.Ensure proper follow up of services contractsResponsibility 2: FLEET MANAGEMENT:Activities:Define the weekly programme’s travel requirements. Ensure the respect of HI movement and transport management procedure.Collect and ensure the reconciliation of all documents regarding fuel consumption (fuel voucher, logbook, petrol station detailed invoice…).Prepare the Vehicle monitoring chart (VMC)Ensure the adequate filling of all documents by the driver and Expats , specially the Log book.Archiving of fleet files in a proper way.Manage and follow up the transport service contracts.Support the Driver / Logistic Assistant to organize and follow up the transportation of the goods.Make sure all drivers know the roads, used secure roads and respect the security driving rulesSupervise the general maintenance of vehicles in link with the Driver / Logistics Assistant.Ensure any required training for Driver / Logistics assistant , HI principles, driving…Responsibility 3: Ensuring the correct management of equipment and IT at office level:Activities:Ensure that Equipment and IT Management Policy is implemented, understood and respected. Be the focal point for IT related issues and requests.Ensure proper installation, follow up and upgrade of IT equipment (hardware, software, network, back up, security systems and devices).Train/support (or supervise the training) users on how to properly use the equipment .Ensure daily monitoring of IT equipment performance and report any issue to the Logistics Department Manager and IT Officer .Ensure the installation, maintenance, monitoring and traceability of equipment (computer, power-supply, communication etc.).Ensure that the documents related to equipment management are compliant with HI policy. Ensuring the physical management of stocks and storage facilities.Ensuring the correct management of customs clearance procedures  at Jordan Level. Apply equipment management procedures and written certification of each withdrawal of equipment from stock.Ensure the use of and accurate update of the Equipment Monitoring Chart (EMC) and the quality of the data it containsResponsibility 4: In charge of the general services (expatriate staff accommodation, offices, and storage facilities):Activities:Define the needs and propose solutions in terms of premises and carrying out or ensuring the management of the fitting, servicing and maintenance of the premisesEnsure that Premises meet the minimum safety and security requirements and analyze the guarantees of insurance after seeking advice from his/her manager.Ensure the proper follow up of premises contracts.Responsibility 5: Organization of seminar, meeting and travel:Activities:Organize travel ,visa and accommodation arrangement according to the travel plan/form, organize the welcoming of staff/guest, manage the guesthouse room vacancies and follow up the maintenance when needed.Organize with the project team seminars and workshop arrangements (set up of the meeting room, meals, office supplies) and ensure travel arrangement and accommodation for each attendantEnsuring the rent of venue or hotel, purchase of flight ticket through the travel agency, and preparing the eventual purchase fileResponsibility 6: Stock management:Activities:Implement the control of the reception and inspection of all incoming materials to stores and reconciles with purchase orders and delivery notes.Supervise all trucks when loading and unloading materials and equipment from and to stores.Follow the site physical management of stock:Use the stock management tool.Organizing and distributing the materials within the projects.Follow the local transport of materials: choice of transport methods and packaging, planning and monitoring of dispatches, administrative and customs formalities.

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